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NCNP Brain Bank

About Us

The brain bank plays an important role in the research to investigate mechanisms and therapeutics of the brain disorders. There, postmortem brains are collected and stored for using in the future biomedical research. The NCNP brain bank started in 2006 as a small Parkinson disease brain bank. Now it targets all the healthy and disease brains, including those with neurological and/or psychiatric disorders. Following autopsy, neuropathological diagnosis is performed based on the precise neuropathological examination. Brain and spinal cord tissues dissected are stored systematically after appropriate treatments. Those resources will be used in future in the approved biomedical research, contributing to the medical science in future generation. The NCNP brain bank has a pre-registration system for the potential brain doners, in which individuals express their wills of brain donation after passing away. Your understanding and cooperation will lead to the development of the brain bank and the advancement in the medicine in future. We would be grateful for your support.